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Professional racecar driver, Don Campbell, was born and raised in California, where he went to high school in San Jose, CA and received his Bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Since then, he has worked in sales and marketing. Don is now realizing his childhood dreams and pursuing a career as a racecar driver.

What is the significance of Don's car number? Don began his fondness for racecars while watching the cartoon Speed Racer as a child. Ever since then, all of Don's racecars have been number 5 as a tribute to Speed's Mach 5. With all of the success Don has achieved, the number 5 has been very lucky. In 2004 and 2005, the number "5" was already taken by another driver within the series, so the number "05" or "55" became his next best choices. For 2006, Don changed his car number back to lucky number 5.

Don started autocrossing about 15 years ago. He won many SCCA Solo II championships in a Corvette, Porsche and a Viper. Looking for more speed, Don naturally progressed to road racing. For the next several years, Don drove a Camaro in SCCA and NASA club events.

In 2008, Don will continue to develop his skills and his reputation as a driver who can compete in all types of racecars. He will be racing partial schedules in three different leagues, including the SRL Wild West Series, the NASCAR Grand National West Series and the SCCA SPEED World Challenge.

In 2006, Don raced in the NASCAR AutoZone Southwest Series for his second year. He had 6 starts and 1 top-ten finish. In 2005, Don competed in the NASCAR AutoZone Southwest Series. He had 14 starts, 2 top-10 finishes, 5 rookie wins, 5 second place rookie finishes, winner Rookie of the Year. With this prestigious win, Don joins former Southwest Series Rookie of the Year winners Kurt Busch and Kevin Harvick who now drive in the NASCAR Nextel Cup.

In 2004, Don competed in NASCAR-type stock cars for the first time in his racing career. He raced in Tracy, CA in the AC Delco Late Model Series. He had one win, one trophy dash win, 4 top-fives, 15 top-tens in 21 starts and was Rookie of the Year runner up.

In 2003, Don competed with his Corvette C5R in the SCCA Pro SPEED World Challenge. Don raced throughout the United States as well as Canada. Also, Don drove the Team Cytomax Chevy Camaro in the longest road race in the world, The 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Out of 73 cars overall, Don and the team finished 6th in class and completed all 25 hours through rain & shine, darkness & daylight.

In 2002, Don finished first in season points in the NASA CMC Calif. road racing season, setting records for number of wins, podium finishes and pole positions in a single season. He had the best year in NASA CMC history by setting records at five different tracks, as well as one SCCA regional California track record. He also scored two wins and nine podium finishes in ten races in SCCA competition in California. In 2001, was part of the first-place team in Detroit at the US National Viper Championships, as well as finishing first at Monterey, Calif. in the Western US Viper Championships.

In 2000, he finished first in season points for the Sacramento Cup Viper Championship as well as taking first place in the California American Muscle Car Challenge in Sacramento, Calif. His racing resume also includes SCCA Solo2 Regional and Divisional Championships in California in 1998, 1999 and 2000 and captured the California Rookie of the Year in the SCCA Solo2 Regional Championship in 1997.


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